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Apply for Job Tips - Cara Mudah Mencari Kerja

Written By admin on | Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tips Apply for Jobs Some tips on applying for jobs:

1. Specify the job you're interested and have the skills to implement.

2. Make your cover letter that impressed the individual / personalized specifically for the company in question do not create a cover letter that is formatted in a standard or imitate / raw trace of the book.

3. Keep the letter they will be brief, factual and interesting with a clear language and an attractive appearance in terms of: neat (no errors in spelling or grammar), net (black ink on paper putuh, lest any such correction or repair tippex with pencil / pen should type and reprint only) and always trying addressed to a certain person (name and / or specific positions.)

4. Cover letter maximum of only one page, always accompanied by a resume / CV (Curriculum vitae) and give you a positive first impression about you.

5. Resume / C.V. you should give details about yourself including educational background, skills you have, work experience (full-time or part-time or free lance who gives you a certain competence to do a job), activities (organization, society, sports , etc.) and achievement - achievement (in school or outside school) that you never achieve. . Feature a resume / C.V. Good is: neat, simple, honest and accurate. We recommend that you clean and arranged for the delivery of information interesting and readable. Give distance (margin) on all sides resume / cv you at 1 "(at least 1 / 2" if you lack space to fill in information about yourself.) Section of this white makes your resume attractive, clean and easy to read while providing a place for readers to put the record straight on resumemu. Use the same paper and ink with her application letter.

6. Re-proof read your resume and resume / C.V. you are sure that there are no typographical errors, grammar / grammar, language diulang-ulang/repetitif, less neat layout (slanted or straight) or other errors. A spelling error in it can cause you to lose an important opportunity to obtain employment.

7. Please read the book / literature available in bookstores. Many are reviewing the ways and tips on writing effective cover letter, resume / CV and interviews.