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Lamaran Kerja Chevron

Written By admin on | Sunday, October 02, 2011

In Indonesia, Chevron Indonesia is working in partnership with BPMIGAS (Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities) for its exploration & production business and Pertamina for the geothermal and power business and has long been recognized as significant oil and gas producer and geothermal and power provider


1. DRILLING ENGINEER (Ext-46/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) S1 Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering - Closing : 31-10-2011
2. GEOPHYSICIST SEISMIC (Ext-48/TCL/EXP/CICO/EXPL/2011) S1 Geology, Geophysics, Physic Jakarta- Closing: 14-10-2011

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