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Lowongan Persero PT Jasa Raharja

Written By admin on | Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jasa RaharjaPT. Jasa Raharja an opportunity for the applicant who has sent and his name is listed IN LIST OF PARTICIPANTS to follow the Employee Selection.

For those applicants who meet the requirements of Re-Registration is required to perform in order to follow the next selection process.


* Minimum S1/D3 of all faculties / departments accredited.
* Derived from the PTN / PTS qualified either. Maximum age: For Graduates + S1 age of 28 years (not 29 th birthday on 31 Dec 2011) For Graduates + D3 age of 26 years (not to repeat the year to 27 on 31 Dec 2011)
* Not Married (evidenced by the ID card and Not Married Statement at the time of recruitment and selection process, signed on stamp)
* Do not Have Sibling working in PT. Raharja services (evidenced by Statement, signed on Stamp)
* Willing to be in place in all parts of Indonesia (expressed in the Statement, signed on the stamp).
* Implementation of tests conducted in Jakarta and at his own expense.

Candidates who meet these qualifications can enroll at the latest: On 21 September 2011.
Daftar Nama Peserta

Register on-line at the link image below :


Results will be announced Registration Date 23 September 2011

Only the best qualified applicants (shortlisted candidate) will be included in the next selection process.
The committee's decision can not be contested.

Source : Seleksi Calon Pegawai PT Jasa Raharja
Update : Tuesday, September 20, 2011