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Lowongan Kerja PT PLN (Persero) Agustus 2011

Written By admin on | Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PT PLN (Persero) is the largest electricity service provider in Indonesia. With a vision to "Recognized as World Class Company is Growing flowers, Superior and Reliable with a resting on Potential Insani ", PT PLN (Persero) is committed to melistriki entire archipelago.

We believe that human potential is the greatest asset and our future, therefore we invest great to get the prospective future leaders who will develop PT PLN (Persero) a WorldClass Company and business challenges in the future.

Career opportunities at PT PLN (Persero) is very extensive because our business ranges from upstream to downstream, starting from the Generation, Transmission to Distribution Power to the customer and supporting services

Recruitment PT PLN (Persero) S1/D4/D3 Rate Year 2011
Placement on the Entire Medan Indonesia Region Selection


* Male gender
* Status is not married and not married during their willing Prajabatan Training
* Final semester students who are / have completed the End Task or Passed S1/D4 or D3
* S1 limit Ages: Birth 1985 and after, D3 Birth 1987 and thereafter
* GPA> = 2.75 for engineering, GPA> = 3.0 fatherly non-technical
* Height> = 155 cm
Glasses = <-4 (minus four) Not color blind

Fill out and submit the registration data application file at PT PLN (Persero) Wilayah Sumatera Utara dated August 18, 2011 - 6 September 2011 Completeness of the application file as follows:

* Curriculum Vitae (CV)
* Copy of birth certificate Copy of diploma / certificate of legalized
* Copy the last transcript of legalized
* Copy of ID card Latest photographs as much as 2 sheets of 3x4 size

Send letter addressed to :

PT PLN (Persero)
c.q Kepala Divisi Pengembangan SDM dan Talenta

For applicants from graduate programs across the forward path D3 S1) must attach: Transcripts value of legalized D3, D3 diploma legalized

During the selection process, if there is a discrepancy, the participants expressed Ruling ,One applicant is only allowed to choose 1 (one) job positions , One applicant is only allowed to choose the appropriate educational level positions held.
Call participants and test locations will be announced via the website

Apply the knockout stages of selection and include:
1. Selection of administration
2. General Aptitude Test
3. Academic & English Language
4. PsikoTest and group discussion
5. Health Tests
6. Interview
7. Training Prajabatan

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