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Lowongan Kerja Sarana Adikarya Utama Agustus 2011

Written By admin on | Sunday, July 31, 2011

PT Sarana Adikarya Utama (SAU) is a company that designs and manufactures oil field equipment in strict accordance with The American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications. Our continued commitment to standards and quality systems has enabled SAU to earn the APIQR ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

The Company began operations in 1984 as PT Armco National Supply Utama, a subsidiary of the American company Armco Inc. of Houston, Texas, USA under the product name NATIONAL. The company was fully acquire by the Indonesian partner in October 1988 and renamed PT Sarana Adikarya Utama (SAU).


- Performs the installation & testing of Wellhead & Xmas Tree (onshore/offshore)
- Prepares and organizes equipments & toolings maintenance at sites and shops.
- Maintains the historical resume of equipments, toolings, and spare parts.
- Reports directly to Engineering Manager.

- Experiences in oil and gas industry with various types of unitized Wellhead and Xmas Tree are mandatory.
- Familiar with offshore and onshore direct technical service or field operations is a must.
- Must have 5 years of working experience in oilfields.
- 3 years experience in installation of unitize Wellhead is a must.

Specific Requirements:
- Male, good command of written and oral English.
- At least has a D3 degree In Engineering or equivalent.
- Excellent in related software.
- Physically fit to work in irregular working hours.
- Able to use tools and other measuring devices & willing to stationed in oilfields


- Creates and reviews designs, drawings, and technical specs of existing technology/application by using basic engineering principles and/or specifications procedures.
- Make layouts analyzes designs, evaluates equipments systems and generates new equipments designs.
- Prepares reports correspondences, procedures, specifications and technical calculations.
- Direct reports to Engineering Manager.

- Experiences in designing the installation of standards and unitized Wellhead are mandatory.
- Must have a good understanding of engineering practices, mechanical designs, and technical calculations,
- Excellent in related CAD/CAM software and Database systems.
- Strong analytical skills and understand cause-effect relationships.
- 5 years of working experience in oil and gas field sites,
- As least has 3 years experience in generating designs of unitized Wellhead and Xmas Tree.

Specific Requirements:
- Male/Female has an S1 degree in Engineering.
- Proficient in English is a must & willing to travel to field sites occasionally.

Please send your curriculum vitae, photocopies of diploma and references include the information of expected salary and one photograph not later than 2 weeks after this advertisement to:

(Your information will be strictly confidential)