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Lowongan Terbaru Kedutaan Besar Korea Juli 2011

Written By admin on | Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lowongan Kerja Kedutaan Besar Korea - Relations Indonesia - Korea continued to grow since the formation diplomatic relations in 1973. Specifically, Korea has develop into the sixth largest trading partner for Indonesia, and at the moment, Indonesia is the largest trading partner tenth of Korea.

As a result of the high level meeting recently, the relationship between the two nations has grown into a strategic partnership. We are confident that bilateral relations between Korea and Indonesia will continue to evolve as a mutually beneficial to both countries.

For the record, there are about 23,000 people in Korea Indonesia which contributed importantly to economic progress Korea, and Korea there are about 31,000 people and 1200 Korean companies in Indonesia. Korean Embassy to vigorously participate strengthen cooperation in various fields, such as the fields of energy and resources.

In addition, the Korean Embassy will focus on development of relationships based on mutual understanding more the area between the two peoples through increased cultural exchanges.

To achieve these objectives, the Korean Embassy will do the best in providing the necessary information for increased understanding of the history, language and Korean culture.

English Editor
Work Location: Jakarta


* Editing speech, making speech, making official letters
* Translating


* Male/Female
* Age below 40
* Speaking English Fluently also Oral and written
* UniversityGraduate (overseas preferred)


* Salary Min 10jt (negotiable)

Interested applicants please send your application before July 25, 2011 to link thet provided by LKIT below.