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Lowongan Kerja Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional - BTPN Juni 2011

Written By admin on | Friday, July 08, 2011

PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) started, back in Bandung in 1959. The bank was initially set up to cater for retired military personnel and named Bank Pegawai Pensiunan Militer or BAPEMIL. Eventually the bank’s customers expanded to civil servant pensioners as well.
For more than 50 years BTPN has focused its banking services to serve pensioners, working closely together with the State Pensiun Insurance company, PT Taspen and the state postal company, PT Pos Indonesia.

BTPN's pension business consists of payment services of Old Age Benefits (Tunjangan Hari Tua - THT) and monthly pension payments under cooperation with its strategic partners, primarily TASPEN and pension fund institutions, such as Dana Pensiun Pertamina, Dana Pensiun Telkom and Dana Pensiun Perhutani.

Besides servicing pension payments, the Bank also provides loans for its pensioner customers, where monthly installments are deducted from their monthly pension benefits.

Pension Loan
Pension loan facilities for pensioners carry simple requirements, speedy process, and flexible tenors and usage. This allows pensioners to use theirpension loan facilities to cover their special needs.

Employee Loan
Loan facilities for employees (civil servants of the central and regional governments, military forces, and the employees of state-owned enterprises) carry simple requirements, speedy service, and flexible tenors to cover their respective needs.

To serve better for "Sahabat Karib Pensiunan", BTPN always provide related programs and activities based on pensioner's lifestyle with additional diverse of information also activities that construct BTPN pensioners healthy and prosperous.

Unique and customized services are proven as part of BTPN commitment through:

* Branch opens early in the morning at the beginning of month
* Welcome Greeting amenity since arrival
* Professional Customized Service for Pensioners
* Serving Pensioners sincerely akin to our Own Parent
* Branch with Customized Design for Pensioners

Pension Healthy and Prosperous Program is a proof of company's caring where it shows in social services and also gratitude as part of company's social responsibility.

PSS along with BTPN's mission aims to grow and expand together with customers building a meaningful life through applicable lifestyle of healthy and prosperous customers

This PSS program has strong carried with healthy foundation in affecting healthy lifestyle by reducing pain in daily life and has longer lifetime; where Prosperous is having positive foresight in totally includes physical dimension, intellectual, emotion and mental, spiritual also social.

PSS offers consultation service with expertise in health and prosperity through 3 steps of activities, they are:

1. Interactive Dialogue: information group and direct discussion with expertise about needs in retired time
2. Health Service: medical checkup program and free health consultation. This service is given during 3-5 days in the first week of pickup salary
3. Success sharing stories: sharing within pensioners has inspired each other to present motivation and success tips

Now in expansion our business Bank BTPN is opening the position for Indonesian candidates only

Jobs Company: Bank BTPN
Jobs Type: Banking Industry
Jobs Level: Fresh Graduates
Work Location: East Kalimantan - Tarakan

Teller (TLR-TRK)

Pension payment and the payment of pension credit disbursement, according to systems and procedures with satisfactory service


* Minimal S1 with minimum GPA of 2.75
* Maximum age 27 years
* Fresh Graduate or experienced in the same field
* Have good analytical skills and focus on results
* Have the ability in service to customers (customer orientation)

Sales & Marketing Officer (SMO-TRK)

Conducting sales activities pension credit, new credit offerings (renewal) as well as doing promotional activities related to the partners.


* Minimal S1 with minimum GPA of 2.75
* Maximum age 30 years
* Fresh Graduate or experienced in sales for 1-3 yrs
* Have good analytical skills and focus on results
* Prefers tasks and be able to establish communication field

Credit Acceptance (CA-TRK)

Conducting the process of granting pension credits and complete the loan documents in accordance with the provisions and resolve all complaints / customer complaint properly and timely.


* Minimal S1 with minimum GPA of 2.75
* Maximum age 27 years
* Fresh Graduate or experienced in the same field
* have good analytical skills and ability in service to the customer (customer orientation)
* Region Placement: Tarakan (East Kalimantan)

Write the position code and send your complete application not later 2 weeks after this advertisement. Please write '' as your job reference in your application letter. Only Candidates who meet the qualifications will be processed

HC Region BTPN
PO BOX 394 Balikpapan
East Kalimantan
Or e-mail: