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Lowongan Kerja PT Sinar Sosro Juni 2011

Written By admin on | Friday, June 24, 2011

In general, tea plant grows in tropical zone at 200-2000 meter altitude. The air temperature must be between 14 and 25 centigrade. The plant can be as high as 9 meters (Chinese and Javanese tea), but some can reach 12 to 20 meters (Assamica tea). Current record shows that there are some 1,500 tea variants from 25 countries in the world.

To ease tea leave picking, plant tallness shall be controlled by continuous cutting so that it is never more than 1 meter in height. With such height, picking good young leaves becomes a lot easier.

Tea was first introduced in Indonesia in 1684 in the form of tea seeds from Japan carried by a German named Andreas Cleyer and planted as decorative plant in Jakarta.

In 1694, a priest named F. Valentijn reported to see young tea shrub was growing in the garden of the Governor General Champuys’s palace in Jakarta. In 1826, a tea plant was successfully planted to add the collection of Bogor Botanical Garden, and in 1827, planting in Cisurupan (Garut, West Java) experimental garden was also a success.

The success of large scale plantation experiment in Wanayasa (Purwakarta) and Raung (Banyuwangi) opened the way for Jacobus Isidorus Loudewijk Levian Jacobson, a tea expert, to lay foundation for tea plantation business in Java.

In 1828, during the office term of Governor Van Den Bosch, tea became one of the crops to plant in the Forced Plantation (Cultuur Stelsel) scheme

SOSRO is the pioneer of packaged ready-to-drink tea in Indonesia. The name SOSRO is taken from the name of the founding family, namely SOSRODJOJO.

In 1940, Sosrodjojo family started their business in a small city in Central Java called Slawi. At the time, the product sold is dried tea with the brand of “Teh Cap Botol” and it was distributed only around Central Java.

In 1953, Sosrodjojo family started to expand their business to enter the capital city Jakarta to introduce “Teh Cap Botol” products that were already very popular in Central Java.

The journey to introduce the “Teh Cap Botol” product was started by doing CICIP RASA (product tasting) promotions to several markets in Jakarta.

The promotion was conducted by entering the markets and brewing the “Teh Cap Botol” tea product on the spot. When the tea was ready, it was distributed to people in situ. This promotion was not too successful as the distributed tea was too hot to drink whilst the brewing process took too long, making those who would like to taste it impatient to wait.

The second method was used: tea was not brewed on the spot, but carried already brewed in big pans to the markets using open trucks. Again, this was successful because some of the tea spilled on the way to the market, mostly to the bad, pockmarked road condition in Jakarta at the time.

Then, an idea sprang up to carry the brewed tea in cleaned bottles. It turned out that this method was quite interesting for the customers because it was practical and ready to consume without the need to wait for the tea to be brewed.
Then, in 1969, the idea to sell ready to drink tea in bottle was f0rmulated, and in 1970, a bottled tea plant of PT SINAR SOSRO was established, the first ever of bottled ready-to-drink tea plant in Indonesia and the world.

Now PT Sinar Sosro is opening position and will be based at Jakarta.

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