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Lowongan Kerja PLN Regional Lampung Juni 2011

Written By admin on | Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Penerimaan Pegawai PT PLN Persero
Regional Lampung
Tingkat SMU, SMK Sederajat Tahun 2011
App Deadline 10 Juni 2011

PLN is a state which deals with all aspects of electricity in Indonesia.

Electrification in Indonesia started in the late 19 th century, when some Dutch companies set up power generation for its own purposes. Exploitation of electricity for public use began in the private company Holland NV. NIGM expand its business in the field of electric power, which was originally only engaged in gas. Then expanded with the establishment of other private companies.
Indonesia's electricity consumption is an average of 473 kWh / capita in 2003. This figure is still low compared to average world electricity consumption reaches 2215 kWh / capita (est. 2005). In the list issued by The World Fact Book, Indonesia ranks 154th of 216 countries on the list.

Now PLN Regional Lampung is opening position for SMU and SMK. Application Deadline is June 10, 2011. Detail Vacancies can be downloaded at the link provided below

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