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Lowongan Kerja BUMN PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) Juni 2011

Written By admin on | Friday, June 10, 2011

Originated from the expansion of Kali Brantas Master Project in 1980, PT Brantas Abipraya has grown and developed to become a sound and stable Construction Company.

Since of the outset, our well-trained professionals working in big irrigation projects, have been invaluable asset whose skill and expertise are continuously developed passing from the older to the younger professionals working in the company.

Now the company is known as reliable general contractor handling not only irrigation projects, but also has executed several big projects located throughout the country, i.e. big dams, tunnels, road and bridges, airfields, electric plants and many others.

In anticipation of the free market era where competition will become very tough, we have developed an intensive plan to improve the knowledge and technological skill of our human resources in every level by taking into account the company's need and condition.

We are fully aware that in order to win the competition, we have to improve our ability to work efficiently and effectively so as to meet the deadline and the good quality work for any of our projects in accordance with the cost incurred. That way we would improve our performance and company image which have been achieve so far. This effort has to be supported by the availability of highly reliable and well-seasoned professionals. The trust given by our clients or job providers that can be seen from all the projects the company has executed, has given good motivation to our staff who are obsessed by the spirit of giving the best to our clients.

By accepting our success with humble appreciation, we hope that this simple preface could give the readers sufficient introduction of PT Brantas Abipraya and assurance of its ability to finish big quality projects in time. Through the trust given by our clients and business partners, we hope that in the future PT Brantas Abipraya would attain even better growth in order to give our clients better service and better value for their money.

In accordance with the field of business and company goals, the Company's Vision to be realized is " Being leading National Companies make the Construction Industry ".

For young professionals who are creative, hard worker, likes challenges and highly motivated, join and developed with us as Programmer PHP

Terms - conditions:

* Male - male or Female age Max. 26 Year.
* S1 - Informatics, MIN GPA 3.0.
* Min 3 years of experience in building Web-based applications and Desktop
* Mastering Visual Basic
* Understand the concept of OOP and MVC PHP 5
* Mastering the use and management of Linux Servers and Apache
* Ability to work in Team
* Registration closed June 13, 2011

Specifications PHP Developer

* Mastering the Zend Framework
* master Database PostgreeSQL
* Master of Library Jquery & Java Script

Interested candidates please do register online before June 13, 2011

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